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Should You Hire a Sports Personal Trainer for Your Child?

Jul 28, 2016

Although it may sound like the height of excess, the number of parents hiring sports personal trainers for their children is on the rise.

Sedentary lifestyles are becoming the norm among young people, not the exception, and are perpetuated by a culture-driven reliance on mobile devices and social media. That, paired with a steady move away from physical fitness education in schools has contributed to various weight and health issues in our kids.

In fact, childhood obesity is the leading reason that parents are reaching out to personal trainers for help, and many are seeing a marked improvement in energy levels and self-esteem. But weight loss is far from the only benefit of hiring a sports personal trainer for children.

  • Not everyone is an athlete (or even likes sports). Many children show no interest in organized sports or athletics, whatsoever, but also lack the regular exercise essential for healthy bodies. A personal trainer can develop a regimen that is tailored to your child’s interests and abilities, keeping things fun and focused, while fostering a strong self-image.
  • Other children want to be athletes, but need some extra assistance. Many children have the will to be an all-star, but because of health issues, confidence issues, or coordination issues, need someone to help them along the way. A sports personal trainer is equipped with the knowhow, the patience, and the professional wherewithal to help your child reach for their dreams.
  • Some children ARE athletes – and want to stay fit during off-season: Both amateurs and professionals who are serious about maintaining their sporty physique often turn to a personal trainer to keep things moving until it’s time to play ball – or hockey, or ping pong, etc. – once again.
  • Personal training is about motivation, not intimidation: For children who are self-conscious about their abilities, encouragement is essential to success on any level, and something that a personal trainer can offer in spades.
  • One-on-one interaction: School practices can impart the basics, perhaps - but educators and coaches who are responsible for a large group of students will never be able to devote the person-to-person instruction necessary for targeted improvement. Many personal trainers are former athletes with expertise to share.

Keep in mind, your child’s body is still developing. For that reason, you should only hire a trainer who has experience working with teens, and who can tailor exercises appropriate to your child’s age and skill level. In addition to expressing sensitivity, patience, and encouragement, certification is a must.

As always, consult your pediatrician prior to making any decisions directly affecting the physical health of your child.

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