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Reinvent Your New Year’s Resolutions

Jul 12, 2013

We all know that sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is tough, but did you know that most people abandon them even before winter is over? This can lead to a difficult summer – especially when you find it hard to feel healthy and fit while attending backyard barbecues and poolside parties.

That is why we suggest reinventing your New Year’s resolutions so that you can accomplish them – in July! As the mid-point of the year, July is the perfect time to re-align your health and fitness goals so that you can close out the second half of 2013 strong.

Set Realistic Goals

One of worst things you can do when trying to stay on track with your resolutions is to set a completely unrealistic goal. Want to lose 50 pounds? Great, but don’t expect those pounds to fly off in only a month. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but it can set you into a vicious start/stop workout cycle.

Break down your long-term goals into realistic increments so that by the time you accomplish them, you will feel motivated and focused.

Create a Routine – And Stick to it!

If you take a vacation this summer, don’t forget about your workout routine. We don’t expect you to pack dumbbells in your luggage, but you can still walk, run, or play outside with your kids.

Find Something You Love to Do

The first step to any active lifestyle is to find something you enjoy doing. It can be tough to motivate yourself to exercise when you’re not having fun, especially if you have other things on your plate.

Find a partner to make it even more enjoyable – and to hold you accountable if you miss a day.

Stay on Track

It’s summer, so nobody is going to blame you for indulging in a burger and beer when attending a neighbor’s party, but you shouldn’t let this stop you from sticking to your routine. Keep on track with a consistent exercise program and a clean, nutrient-rich diet.

If you would like more tips on how to create – or stick to – a health and fitness routine, contact Fitness Together Ellicott City today.


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