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One Proven Way to Prevent Chronic Stress

Mar 10, 2014

On stressful days, it feels as though a blustery March wind is blowing right in your face. But chronic stress feels like you’re walking through a wind-tunnel every single day. It’s even more intense than your hardest personal training workout!

What exactly is chronic stress? It is a condition in which your body secretes dangerously high levels of hormones for weeks, months, and sometimes years in reaction to prolonged emotional distress.

Unlike regular stress, chronic stress puts you at risk for long-term health deterioration, including heart damage from high blood pressure. Chronic stress can also strain your muscles and weaken your immune system, leaving you incapable of recovering from injury or illness.

The good news is that you can make your stress go out like a lamb – before it becomes chronic – by continuing to see your personal fitness trainer on your regular schedule.

Here’s how personal fitness training can reduce stress during all stages of your work-out:

Warm-up: As you run on the treadmill, think of yourself as moving farther and farther away from your stress. Focus on the here and now rather than your kids’ grades, your investment portfolio, and the next bout of bad winter weather. Those things are here to stay!

Work-out: As you work with your trainer one-on-one, focus just on her and the direction you’re being given. Each time you lift a kettle bell, imagine yourself pushing your stress farther away from your body. Breathe deeply, releasing stress with each exhalation.

Cool-down: As you slow your pace, praise yourself for achieving the day’s fitness goals. Tell yourself that you will be just as productive when you return home to your family and financial responsibilities.

Remember, March may only be the third month of the year, but your body could still be responding to stressors you’ve faced within the past five years.

Chronic stress can be a major health concern leading to high blood pressure and heart attacks. If you suspect you are suffering from chronic stress, schedule a visit with your physician today for diagnosis and treatment of your symptoms.

For more information about personal fitness training and how it can reduce your stress, call us today at 410.750.2228.

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