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Join a Team to Stay Lean

Sep 18, 2013

While your kids are getting ready to play fall sports, consider joining a team of your own. This will keep yourself from feeling burned out by the struggle to stay motivated on your own.

By joining a team workout course or group, such as Small Group Personal Training, you can meet new people, keep up your competitive drive, and accomplish most – if not all – of your health and fitness goals.

Accountability Works

One of the best aspects of being part of a team is the accountability. Whether it’s by your teammates, coach, or trainer, you will be held accountable to show up for, and participate in, every workout so that you do not let your team down.

Teammates are wonderful because they offer encouragement and support when you’re feeling down, and vice versa. That encouragement and support often goes beyond just the gym. We’ve seen Fitness Together teams that end up enjoying each other’s company so much that they become lifelong friends.

Competition is Important

A healthy amount of competition is always a great motivator. With a little help from your teammates and/or coach, you can reach your personal fitness goals by challenging yourself to become faster, better, and stronger.

However, don’t worry if you feel unmotivated because of a busy day at work. Your group will help you conquer that tiredness by reminding you of your goals. Even if you work out at your own pace, a little athleticism is better than none.

If you would like more information about joining a personal training group, contact Fitness Together Ellicott City today at 410-570-2228.


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