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How to Fit the Cost of Personal Trainer Services Into Your Budget

Apr 19, 2016

Getting healthy and staying that way?

No one said it was going to be easy. Or cheap, for that matter.

There’s no question that the cost of personal trainer services can be steep. Depending on where you live and work out, personal trainers can charge anywhere from $30 to even $100 per hour for their guidance and expertise. Of course, rates tend to be lower in small town and rural communities, and higher in the city.

Such costs can certainly exercise one’s wallet, and for the unprepared could lead to financial distress in short order. As mentioned in an earlier blog, realistic goals are essential to a successful physical fitness regimen, and this pertains to setting funds aside for one, as well.

If you’re attempting to fit the cost of personal trainer services into your budget, consider the following suggestions:

  • Establish a fitness allowance and adhere to it. Price out sessions at qualifying fitness studios, and determine how often you can afford to attend. Earmark funds from your paycheck that will be used solely for physical training. If possible, make adjustments to your social and recreational expenses to free up funds for your new goals, and devote that money toward the cause exclusively.
  • Shop around. Not all fitness studios are created equal. Some will offer discounts if multiple sessions are purchased, while others may even be open to negotiation. Many offer a free introductory session. Be frugal, but don’t settle – make certain the professionals you hire are qualified and knowledgeable.
  • There’s power (and savings) in numbers. Once you’ve narrowed your picks of personal training studios to a few select candidates, ask if they offer semi-private or small group training sessions, which often cater to groups of up to four people and can cut individual costs substantially.
  • Look into employer benefits. Many corporations have begun reimbursing their employees for gym memberships, or offering access to fitness facilities as a means to promote healthier living while reducing absentee workers and health care costs. Some health plans offer fitness memberships, as well. Contact your HR department to determine if your place of work offers similar benefits.
  • Get the basics. It’s not an ideal option, but if the perpetual cost of personal trainer services is a non-starter, you might consider splurging for a few upfront sessions in the interest of learning basic technique. You can use these preliminary skills to fuel your solo work outs, and pay for periodic checkups with a professional to ensure you are making progress.

Ultimately, make physical fitness a priority, and you may find that the budget falls into place. Your health is the most important reason to cut corners somewhere else.

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