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How to Avoid 5 Common Fitness Mistakes at Fitness Together Ellicott City

May 22, 2015

Do you want to get fit this summer?

Whether you’re a personal fitness veteran or a first-time exerciser, you could be vulnerable to injury-causing errors.

There is a right way to work out. Avoid these five common fitness mistakes to make your personal training sessions safer and more effective.

Fitness Mistake #1: Focusing on Quantity

Our data-focused society places high value on numbers. But when it comes to exercise, quality always trumps quantity. You won’t receive the full benefits of an exercise such as push-ups unless you are using proper form. To feel truly satisfied after a workout, always use proper form, and ask your personal trainer for guidance when necessary.

Fitness Mistake #2: Over-Dieting

Many people think that dieting will help them lose weight faster. Yet, slimming down does not necessarily require eating less! Stick to healthy post-workout meals, and always stay hydrated. Exercises including weight training and cardio require more water from your body than everyday activities do.

Fitness Mistake #3: Setting Unrealistic Goals

One of the most is expecting to see immediate results. This mentality will lead only to disappointment and could cause you to give up. Work with your personal fitness trainer to set realistic goals that will push your body without leading to injury. And don’t forget to celebrate your progress, not matter how insignificant it may seem.

Fitness Mistake #4: Exercising Too Hard Too Quickly

Some people who are new to exercise go full-force, working out for long stretches daily. Excessive exercise will only tire your body, however. Try to take at least one day off each week or lessen the intensity for a few days to let your muscles recover from each training session.

Fitness Mistake #5: Failing to Warm Up

Another of the most is forgetting to warm up. If you were to immediately start jogging without taking a brisk walk first, you would most likely feel a cramp or pull a muscle. And that’s no way to start your summer!

Fitness Together Helps You Avoid Common Fitness Mistakes

Fitness Together offers personal fitness training for residents of Ellicott City, Columbia, and elsewhere in Howard County. Our non-judgmental environment will help you feel motivated as you enjoy your workout experience.

For more information on common fitness mistakes and how to prevent them, call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at 410-750-2228.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.