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How Good Are Your Local Personal Trainers?

Mar 1, 2016

Do a quick search for “local personal trainers” online, and prepare to give at least your fingers a vigorous workout, as you click through a litany of websites touting “professionals” and vying for your hard-earned cash.

During your search for the personal training studio that best fits your personality and schedule, you might take part in a complimentary session or two. You may even be conducting interviews with potential gurus prior to signing on the dotted line. Or perhaps you’re already a dues-paying gym member with regularly scheduled workouts. Whatever the case may be, it is important to consider the qualifications of your local personal trainers. If the instructor in question does not display the following attributes, it’s strongly encouraged that you continue your search.

  • Enthusiasm – It’s a simple truth, but those who are passionate about their job are generally knowledgeable, as well. Achieving physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is extremely rewarding, but is also hard work. You want someone who loves what they do in your corner – someone who believes in themselves as much as they believe in you.
  • Knowledge – It cannot be stressed enough. Dedication to the science of the fitness industry – experience, continued schooling, and accreditation – is far more important than outward appearances. Hiring an empty-headed Adonis based on physique alone will get you nowhere fast. Find someone who is current in their studies and cares enough to go the extra mile.
  • Care – Excellent personal trainers are those who are able to meet a client at their comfort level and encourage them to work hard, while instilling confidence and a true desire to exercise. A compassionate trainer will not give clients an excuse to give up due to drill-sergeant antics, but will be available and consistent in his or her approach.
  • Personalization – Flexibility is important – and not just the physical. Your personal trainer should be willing to shape an exercise program to fit your unique needs and requests. Some trainers, unfortunately, are one note – leaning heavily on equipment or apps, or are simply stuck with one tired regimen. Each client’s needs are different, however, and workouts tailored to those needs will reap far more rewards.
  • Accountability – Like all relationships, this is a two-way street. Holding each other accountable is critical to a successful trainer/trainee agreement. It’s a pact, really. Your trainer will vow to impart the knowledge he or she has attained over years of diligent effort, and you, in turn, will vow to show up and follow through.
  • Support – The road to physical fitness has its ups and downs, obviously. Make sure your guide has both hands on the wheel at all times. Inattentive trainers are relatively easy to spot. Your instructor’s mind shouldn’t wander, but he or she should be in the moment, willing to listen, to process, and to share.

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