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Jeans Too Tight? Learn How Genes Impact Your Health

Aug 21, 2019

Welcome to the future.

Science, fitness, and modern technology have merged to provide an inside look at how genes impact your health.

Today, genetic testing can provide a wealth of information regarding how your body processes food, nutrients, and physical exercise, and, in turn, how it responds to the natural aging process. The answers can help you to manage your health more effectively.

All it takes is a physical specimen – in this case, a simple cheek swab – to reveal specific information about your chromosomes and genes. Data is culled and evaluated regarding those genes that may influence or suggest a unique solution to best assist in meeting your personal goals. The results – known as a “genotype” – provide a unique roadmap to a healthier lifestyle.

Data-driven health management examines genes related to four major fitness categories:

  • Weight loss
  • Macronutrients in the diet
  • Micronutrients in the diet
  • Response to exercise

DNA-driven health management program Genetic Direction analyzes 115 different genetic markers. Then, based on the specific gene combinations you display in each category, a rating is calculated to predict your potential for success in those areas.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, the Genetic Direction program comes in four different flavors, so to speak:

  • GxSlim – Forego fad diets and get-thin-quick schemes. To support weight loss, Genetic Direction’s weight management program provides workout strategies inspired by your DNA profile, increasing their chances of success exponentially.
  • GxRenew – Receive a detailed analysis of 28 different genetic traits related to aging, such as skin and organ health, mental function, sleep duration, vision, weight, and much more. Optimize your future with food, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations designed to help you live your best life.
  • GxNutrient – Pinpoint your genetic predisposition for the absorption of micronutrients on a cellular level. By understanding how your genes work to process vitamins and minerals, what you previously perceived as a “perfectly balanced diet” can really, truly be perfected.
  • GxPerform – Based on your unique DNA, GXPerform offers participants health and performance management strategies custom-tailored to their specific genotype.

With genetic testing, it is important to understand an above or below average rating in a certain category, such as weight loss, is neither the end of the line nor a guarantee of success. Ratings are purely meant to show an increased or decreased potential for certain health traits, which research has shown can be altered via lifestyle changes. While there will always be outside forces, extenuating circumstances, and myriad other contributing factors –for the most part – the power is in your hands.

Fitness Together can help you understand how genes impact your health. Our personal trainers incorporate our customers’ Genetic Direction results into exercise and nutrition planning, providing personalized plans for a healthier weight and life. Call our studio today at 410-750-2228 to learn more.


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