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How Exercises Fights Off Infections

Dec 6, 2011

Individuals who engage in moderate activity on a regular basis have increased immunity, meaning their body can more effectively fight off infections like the common cold or even the flu. Why is this? Well....

  • Exercises reduces stress, enhancing the immune system's function.
  • Exercise speeds the rate at which waste and toxins are removed from the body. Increased respiratory rates help clean the lungs, sweat removes toxins from the skin, etc.
  • Raising your heart rate while exercising has the effect of increasing the speed at which white blood cells circulate through the body, decreasing the time it takes an immune response to react to infections.
  • Exercise also raises body temperature which may in and of itself be able to kill out infections- after all, raising the body temperature as in a fever is part of the body's natural infection fighting mechanism.


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