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How Certified Personal Training Can Help You Fall in Love with Your Workout

Feb 7, 2017

Valentine’s Day approaches. Statistically speaking, most New Years’ resolutions to lose weight have been abandoned by now.

Many reasons are often cited, and good ones, too – people set inadequate, unclear, or unrealistic goals; they have difficulty with self-accountability; or family obligations take precedence – but these excuses are often stand-ins for one simple, basic truth: detachment.

The fact of the matter is, wanting to lose weight isn’t really enough – even if the best of intentions, such as one’s health, are the impetus.

Succeeding at anything requires a sense of engagement that goes beyond good intentions. Success involves passion. Put simply, if people do not enjoy working out – they’re never going to stick with it for long.

Falling in love with your workout is the key, and certified personal training can help you do just that.

Let us count the ways:

  • Motivation: Motivation, pure and simple, causes more people to give up on exercise before they even get started. A trainer can encourage you to ditch your bathroom scale and find another, better reason for working out. New motivators can help you discover those elements of exercise that make you feel good and prompt a positive response within your body. Personal trainers will also hold you accountable if and when you miss a session, and there are styles to fit every personality – from slow-going and gentle to tough love.
  • Direction: Every great dance needs someone to lead, and if exercise is new to you, you will want to hire a certified personal trainer who knows their way around the floor. Certified personal training can help you start small, establishing reasonable goals and meeting them to the best of your ability, over time.
  • Variety: It’s the spice of life, of every lasting, happy relationship, and of physical fitness. Just as a certified personal trainer can lend invaluable guidance, they can mix things up and keep exercise interesting when they intuit that the flame of a client’s interest is beginning to dwindle, or when sessions have become too predictable.
  • Communication: Being in sync with your trainer is essential, and communication is a two-way street. As with any relationship, it will be important to keep an open mind, discuss, and collaborate. The right personal trainer will be able to read your body language to determine when they are pushing too hard, or not enough. Of course, successful certified personal training is entirely dependent upon honesty. Be upfront about your fears, your hang-ups, and your specific needs.
  • Validation: One huge reason that people give up – on anything – is that they do not have someone in their corner, cheering them on. Personal training provides that pat on the back you need when the going gets tough, and that congratulatory high-five you deserve when you see it through anyway.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, our certified personal training program celebrates your successes as our successes. Call us today at 410-750-2228 to find out how our certified trainers can help you fall in love with your workouts, once again!


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