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Have You Heard of These 5 Easy Stretches To Do At Work?

Jun 23, 2014

If you work at a desk during most of the work week, you may have signed up for personal training to help you get consistent exercise. But did you realize that you can contribute to your personal fitness goals not only at the gym, but also at the office?

Your personal fitness program requires flexibility so that you can perform various cardio and strength-training activities. Stretching at the office is important, especially when you meet your personal fitness trainer directly after work. Plus, stretching is a great way to relieve stress.

Have you ever tried stretching at work? You should! Here are five body parts that you can discreetly stretch without leaving your desk.

(1) Arms – If you type at a computer all day, you experience a vast imbalance of activity between your fingers and your arms. Give your arms a stretch: Raise your elbow above your head and touch your spine. With the other arm, gently push down on your raised elbow.

(2) Legs – When your legs are stuck under a desk all day, sometimes you forget they’re there. Show your legs some love by trading your desk chair for an exercise ball that lets you perform various stretches thanks to greater freedom of movement.

(3) Back – Sitting in one position all day can do a number on your back. Luckily, you can relieve stiffness without leaving your chair. Sit upright and twist your upper torso to one side. After 30 seconds, return to facing forward, then repeat on the other side.

(4) Chest – If you’re like most office workers, you spend lots of time unintentionally leaning forward. After all, the font size on some websites is just way too small! Stretch your chest by pushing your spine forward while pulling your shoulders backward.

(5) Neck – Dealing with difficult clients and co-workers can leave you with a literal pain in the neck. Give your neck a rest: Lower your head until your chin nearly touches your chest. Press the back of your head gently with your right hand until you feel slight tension.

Remember, stretching is a safe and healthy activity, but it could cause injury if done incorrectly. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds, and then release for at least 30 seconds. If you experience pain while stretching, stop immediately. Also, warm your muscles before stretching. Take a quick stroll down the hall or up the stairs to get your blood flowing.

When it comes to maintaining your flexibility, your personal fitness trainer will give you the best advice. Ask your trainer if he or she thinks office stretching could help you achieve your personal training goals.

It can be difficult for busy professionals to get consistent exercise. That’s why committing to personal training can help you get consistent work-outs that are convenient and personalized for you.

Fitness Together provides a supportive environment in which hard-working men and women can achieve their fitness goals. For more information about personal fitness training, call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at (410) 750-2228.

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