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Gifting a Healthier New Year with Private Personal Training

Dec 7, 2018

The holidays are here. Last-minute shoppers are making mad-dashes to department stores and big box retailers, hoping to fit in one last purchase before the bell tolls, the timer buzzes, or Santa squeezes down the chimney.

For some of us, no amount of shopping will suffice. The recipients on our lists either have everything, don’t want anything, or are generally impossible to buy for.

How about a shot at a healthier new year?

A private personal training session just might earn “best gift ever” status. And it’s definitely easier on you. One-size literally fits all, and – better yet – you don’t need to stay up past midnight wrapping it like a maniac.

Here are a few additional benefits the gift of exercise can offer that special someone in your life:

  • Motivation. Enthusiastic coaching and support reinforce the notion that no one has to go it alone. A quality personal trainer can provide the initiative and accountability to stick to a program while having fun doing it.
  • Feedback. Private personal training ensures appropriate use of equipment and proper form while working out, preventing injury and embarrassment. Knowledgeable and personable trainers can help participants formulate a winning balance between cardio and weight training, while offering constructive criticism, helpful hints, and a wealth of encouragement as you exercise.
  • Safety. Personal trainers meticulously plan their sessions, protecting against overexertion, injury, and harm. Trainers can also offer updates on national guidelines regarding sustainable diet and exercise routines. One-on-one instruction regarding the proper balance of proteins, macronutrients, water, and more, can help to prevent crash diets and dangerous weight loss.
  • Variety. Diverse workout routines can keep things interesting, holding one’s interest, improving retention, and boosting results.
  • Privacy. Because private personal training is conducted in a suite set apart from other studio members, there are zero distractions, and no worries of intimidation.

In our modest opinion, a healthier, happier lifestyle beats a scarf or a tie any day of the week, and any time of the year. Stop by Fitness Together Ellicott City before the big day to learn more about gifting a private personal training session. And, hey, while you’re at it – maybe treat yourself to one, too.

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