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Four Tips to Help Moms Stay Fit

May 8, 2013

Moms often have to juggle many tasks in a short period of time. From working full-time jobs to supervising afterschool activities to completing household chores, some moms barely have time to eat, let alone exercise.

However, a healthy lifestyle is critical for moms and their families. By eating nutritious foods and staying fit, moms can teach their children that being healthy is an important aspect of life.

If you are a mom, implementing these four tips will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Be the priority.

This may seem like a foreign concept because moms often put their family’s wants and needs above their own, but – like airline attendants tell you when they demonstrate the use of oxygen masks – you should put yourself first.

After all, if you lose sleep because you are trying to do everything for everyone, you will have less energy to deal with work, kids, or your significant other. Which could mean that it’s much easier to become frustrated and to lash out at your loved ones. As most doctors will tell you, there is a significant connection between mental and physical wellbeing and if one is not in “perfect” shape, it’s likely that the other will not be, either.

Take time out of your day to sleep, workout, meditate, or complete a hobby, and you will see the benefits in both your physical and mental health.

Release stress.

Nothing is more stressful than working a full day and then having to turn around and run your kids to soccer practice or ballet or another afterschool activity. But, as most physically fit people know, working out is one of the best ways to release stress.

Blocking out some time in your busy schedule – whether in the morning before the kids wake up or during your lunch hour – to exercise at home or the gym will make you feel as though you can accomplish anything.

Eat healthy foods.

Eating your kids’ leftovers may seem better than wasting food, but those few bites can add up to a lot of extra calories, especially if you are not even hungry. Ensure that you eat balanced, nutritious meals that include protein, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

You can even plan meals ahead of time so you are never left to scrounge for something quick.

Partner with some friends.

One of the biggest motivators for keeping fit is to be held accountable to friends, family, or a personal trainer. Ask other moms around you to join a class at your local gym, that way you won’t be able to skip those workouts without a little friendly ridicule.

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