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Five Tips to Help You Stop Skipping Your Workout

Mar 11, 2013

At Fitness Together, we are no stranger to the failure of New Years resolutions. We know that life, and work, become more hectic after those first few weeks of the New Year, which is probably why many people start skipping their workout routines.

In our almost 30 years of business, we have seen many people striving for a better, healthier life, but ultimately falling back into the same bad habits. So, to help keep you focused on your goals, we have compiled these five tips to help you continue your health and fitness throughout the year:

  • Change your routine. Workouts can get really dull, especially if you are doing the same few exercises every day. Try a new activity, or, if you are lacking motivation, try a small group personal training session to keep you accountable to your peers. Even a one-on-one personal training session can keep you on track.
  • Schedule your workouts. If you are a slave to your schedule like most people, penciling your workouts into your daily or weekly plans might just be the answer you need. Better yet, schedule yourself some time with a personal trainer at a local gym or fitness studio.
  • Recruit a friend. When someone is relying on you to show up, even once a week, for a workout session, you are far less likely to skip it. Adding a friend to your workout routine can also help you build a better relationship with them.
  • Scale down. We all know that sometimes it’s just not possible to give an hour every day to exercise. Whether it’s an illness or work encroaching in on your free time, your schedule can get very tight. Instead of skipping your routine, however, you should scale it back.
  • Give yourself some positive reinforcement. While this might not include the fun-size candy bars they used to hand out to you in school, you can certainly reward yourself with other positive incentives.

If you need any help with your health and fitness goals this spring, please contact one of the experienced professionals at Fitness Together Ellicott City today!


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