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Effective Weight Loss Programs Combine Personal Training and Nutrition

Aug 21, 2017

Let’s be real. You can’t eat whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want and watch the pounds disappear in a cloud of donut powder.

And sure, it’s possible that you can moderately improve muscle tone through resistance training with a Taco Bell chaser, just as you could conceivably achieve minimal weight loss results through dieting alone. But if your goal is an all-encompassing healthier lifestyle and a sleeker body, these approaches are not going to see you through. For true results, you should consider a combination of personal training and nutrition.

The word of the day – and every day for those who are striving to lose weight while looking and feeling better – is “balance.”

Far too many individuals labor under the impression that they can strenuously work out for an hour and a half and then go home and pack on the carbs and trans fats. Others believe they can starve themselves pre- and post-exercise and somehow expect to a) survive the workout and b) see promising results. Neither scenario is true.

The Internet has been lying to people for a long, long time, and there is a lot of convoluted information out there. So let’s cut through the clutter: Your body thrives on the sustenance you provide it, and uses this fuel for your workout. To both lose weight and feel stronger, faster, and healthier – you must bring exercise and diet into the fold. And when you opt for a tag-team of personal training and nutrition, you will be even farther ahead of the curve.


Again, it’s all about combining the right foods with the right exercise. Real food includes complex carbohydrates, vegetables, lean proteins, and good fats. Real exercise is regulated exercise – a combination of cardiovascular fitness and weight training. That means no fads, crash courses, or extreme exercise programs. Your focus should be on a steady, regular workout program that endorses small steps that build, over time, towards a greater goal. A personal trainer’s job is to take all of the above into consideration, then custom-tailor a program that is specifically engineered to your health needs.

Riding tandem with “balance” is the concept of accountability. A personal trainer will help clients adhere to national nutritional guidelines, while avoiding the abundance of misinformation that exists online. Personal trainers will never push quick-fixes or restrictive measures that call for overnight lifestyle changes. Instead, your personal trainer will endorse sustainable changes to eating and exercise habits, supplemented with advice regarding the proper intake of proteins, macronutrients, water, and more that will get you to the finish line.

No one said it would be simple, but once you find the right professional to help you strike the right measurements, it will absolutely be satisfying.


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