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Easy Ways To Improve Your Fitness Outlook

Dec 21, 2010

Starting a fitness routine is a great way to improve your overall quality of life- but when you don't see immediate results it can be discouraging. Your first instinct might be to give up but instead you just need to change your fitness outlook.

The reasons people exercise can vary greatly, but the main goal should be to improve and maintain health. Don't concentrate on how many pounds you have, or aren't, loosing. Since muscle weighs more than fat it's not the best way to gauge the effectiveness of your workout.

The best way to judge your workout routine is by how you feel physically. If you have increased energy and physical tasks are becoming easier for you, you are doing great. Make sure to reward yourself. Now this does not mean to hit McDonald's after you work out, or to grab a big piece of cake- if you stick to your workout schedule all week, maybe you can treat yourself to a new outfit, or electronic gadget, whatever tickles your fancy.

Most importantly, don't compare yourself with the person on the treadmill next to you. We are unique individuals, which the same goes for body type and how we each respond to diet and exercise


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