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Dress for Success - 5 Personal Training Gear Essentials

Mar 18, 2019

Hopefully, you’ve been too busy at the gym to notice, but cosmic super heroes are currently smashing box office records across the globe.

Super heroes always have the best gear – from Batman’s utility belt to Captain America’s shield. And it’s no wonder – dressing for success plays a huge role in doing your best, whether that’s thwarting an alien invasion or warding off the detrimental effects of obesity and heart disease with exercise.

Captain Marvel, for instance, has an interstellar helmet and a star-spangled costume. And, sure, that’s nice – but the following five personal training gear essentials will bring out the fitness hero in you.

  • A gym bag: Every hero needs to be able to make a quick change at a moment’s notice. Choose a bag that’s durable, waterproof, and sizable enough for a change of clothes, with enough pockets to hold essentials like a quick snack and your water bottle, as well as some more discreet hideaways for your wallet, cash, etc. (And, of course, don’t forget the personal hygiene basics, like deodorant. Your personal trainer will thank you for it.)
  • Comfortable workout clothes: You don’t need to spend a fortune on a workout wardrobe. Functional should be the main concern, here – and if “fun” is possible at the same time, even better. Pick something that breathes and that you can move around in, but not so loose that a pant leg gets caught in the elliptical. A good pair of socks and, perhaps most importantly, a supportive pair of shoes, are critical. In fact, shoes are the secret weapon of any successful training session, providing critical support and preventing injury. Invest in a quality pair of running sneakers if the treadmill is your destination; cross-trainers if strength training is your goal.
  • A headband: It keeps the sweat out of your eyes, the hair out your face, and, let’s face it, brings a little bit of the 80s back to life if only for a little while.
  • A refillable water bottle: Hydration, as we may have mentioned once or twice before, is paramount when it comes to a successful fitness regimen – and, well, survival in general. Drinking water helps to lubricate your joints, regulate your temperature, and deliver important nutrients throughout your body. While exercising, it is important to replenish fluids regularly. Drinking small amounts of water are recommended every 15-20 minutes.
  • A jump rope: Why not? Wonder Woman had her lasso of truth. A jump rope is the perfect, portable exercise that’s with can help you warm up wherever you go.

Is your gym bag packed yet? After you’ve assembled your personal training gear, put it to good use. Give Fitness Together Ellicott City a call at 410-750-2228 and schedule your first session.


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