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Defend Your Fitness Goals and Deck the Halls

Dec 14, 2021

It’s hard to trim the tree, light the lights, and deck the halls this holiday season while worrying incessantly about whether or not you are derailing your fitness progress. Don’t worry – with a few considerations you can uphold your fitness goals and still have a very merry time.

Take a look:

  1. Give yourself the gift of a short-term celebration. Have some holiday fun. It’s not going to upset the applecart. Experts believe it may go a long way toward enhancing your fitness regimen once you’re back at it. Why? Because a more permissive attitude means you won’t go into lockdown, only to slip and set yourself back by binge eating and/or snacking.
  2. Focus on long-term successes: Knowing ahead of time that you’re going to let loose (somewhat) for a week or so gives you the ability to relax and quit worrying about scheduling and potential disruptions. That way, you can look forward to an effective, efficient workout program in 2022, and hit the ground running when you get back to the studio.
  3. Stay active, but don’t cram: This isn’t college, and you’re not burning the midnight oil-fueled only by a Red Bull and a lava lamp. In other words, if you enjoy exercise for the sake of it, and it fits nicely into your holiday schedule go for it. But don’t push yourself beyond your limits out of guilt or feelings of obligation.
  4. No wassail worries: You can make healthier drinking choices without throwing in the towel on merrymaking this holiday season. Opting for a beer instead of a cocktail or choosing red wine over white are slightly healthier ways of navigating a social gathering while sticking as closely to your fitness goals as possible. And, of course, everything in moderation.

The Fitness Together Ellicott City team hopes you have a happy holiday season, the merriest Christmas, and a healthy, fit New Year. We’ll be here to help you meet every one of your fitness goals. Call us at 410-750-2228 to learn more.


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