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Declare Independence from Bad Choices with a Certified Fitness Trainer’s Help

Jul 2, 2018

This Fourth of July, fireworks will light up the night sky nationwide in honor of our country’s Declaration of Independence.

While you’re enjoying the display from the local carnival grounds, a community park, or your own backyard – consider how you might use the summer months ahead to liberate yourself from unhealthy habits and dazzle in your own way.

A certified fitness trainer can help you get started.

  • Prioritize and exercise: We get it, summer is busy. That’s all the more reason to commit to a schedule and follow through with it. Practice makes perfect, after all. A certified fitness trainer will help to hold you accountable.
  • Fun without funnel cake: Popcorn, pizza, cotton candy, and deep fried Oreos. Summer snacks are awesome – and in your face everywhere you turn, from theme parks to carnivals to baseball games, and beyond. But strive for a balance and don’t overindulge. Enjoy a hot dog here and there, but also consult a nutritionist or personal trainer for sustainable diet tips and solid exercise suggestions.
  • Sunny side up: Dawn comes early during these warmer months. As soon as you hear those birds tweeting (and before you do any tweeting of your own) – why not start the day right with a jog or a visit to your local personal training studio? Early morning workouts kickstart your metabolism before the day has a chance to get away from you.
  • Work up a sweat: Feel the burn. Combine cardio and strength training in the same session, prioritizing weights. (Cardio drains energy faster, so get the lifting in first.) Or try weighted cardio, which combines both disciplines. Kettlebell swings on a summer morning? Now you’re speaking our language.
  • Be a flag-waver for yourself: Don’t be hard on yourself. If getting fit was easy, everyone would be doing it. A certified personal trainer will not only acknowledge your dedication and hard work, but will encourage you to pat yourself on the back every time you reach a new milestone, resist an old vice, or simply show up on time when there are so many other summer activities taking place.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, our certified personal trainers can set up a fitness plan custom-tailored to your personal preferences, skill level, and medical history. We assess our clients every 6-8 weeks, and can keep you on track to achieving your fitness goals. Call us today at 410-750-2228.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.