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Choosing the Right Exercise Program – 3 Tips from Fitness Together Ellicott City

Jun 3, 2015

Choosing the right exercise program in Howard County can be difficult during any time of year. But it can be particularly stressful in summer. After all, it’s swimsuit season. You want results now!

Of course, choosing the right exercise program requires a broader focus than just your physique. Here are three questions to ask yourself when creating your exercise plan this summer.

3 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Exercise Program

(1) What are your health and fitness goals?

Exercise affects more than just your muscles. It can also affect your breathing, your circulation, even the rate at which your body ages. So think outside the box when planning how exercise could improve your health. Do you wake up feeling stiff? Your personal trainer could possibly design a program that helps combat that. If you struggle to get at least eight hours of quality sleep each night, ask your personal trainer for exercises that might help improve this situation. The possibilities are nearly endless!

(2) What are your major health concerns?

It’s great to focus on goals, but you must also acknowledge your limitations. Do you have any chronic health conditions, such as hypertension or arthritis that could render certain exercises detrimental or dangerous? What about any other physical limitations, such as past injuries? Disclose all concerns to your personal fitness trainer so that he or she can design a safe, effective plan for you.

(3) What do you want to do with your fitness?

Let’s say that one of your fitness goals is to improve cardiovascular endurance. Do you have any other goals tied to that? For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to backpack across Europe and need to get in shape. Or maybe you’d like to challenge yourself to complete a 5K race in Ellicott City or Columbia, Maryland. Think ahead and identify any broader life goals that might require you to first achieve certain fitness goals.

Before You Choose an Exercise Program

Even for experienced athletes, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion before jumping into a new routine. Before you start a new exercise program, consult your physician and your personal fitness trainer, if you have one. Work with them to create a plan that balances your personal health risks with your personal fitness goals.

Exercise Programs at Fitness Together Ellicott City

Fitness Together offers ongoing help with choosing the right exercise program. We provide a variety of workout opportunities, such as cardio and strength training, in a fun, yet private environment. Our trainers design personal fitness programs around YOUR goals – whether you want to improve your flexibility, increase your endurance, or achieve another personal goal.

For more information about personal fitness training, call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at (410) 750-2228.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.