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Can Regular Exercise Help My Seasonal Allergies?

May 21, 2021

Many people wonder if it is safe to exercise when seasonal allergies are in full swing. Absolutely, assuming you can stop sneezing long enough to do so.

At Fitness Together, our clients have also asked: “Can exercise help my seasonal allergies?”

While not a cure, regular exercise has been shown to counteract the wheezing and sneezing effects of seasonal allergies.

Put simply, exercise contributes to a healthier immune system. This helps to keep things from kicking into overdrive when allergens trigger your body’s defense mechanisms. Exercise also helps seasonal allergy symptoms in the following ways:

  • It increases circulation, which moves allergens through your system more rapidly and reduces inflammation in blood vessels. (This helps to ease that blocked, congested feeling.)
  • It promotes deeper breathing, which helps to strengthen your lungs.

If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, but also enjoy a good, strong workout – that’s great! Just keep the following tips in mind:

  • Work indoors when possible. Going for a jog in an environment where pollen is attacking you from all angles will only exacerbate symptoms.
  • Steer clear of allergens when outdoors. Easier said than done? Maybe. But try anyway. Avoid spaces that are thick with trees, long grass, and/or flowering plants. Also: consider postponing your run until later in the day. Pollen levels are at their highest in the early morning.
  • When allergies come on strong, consider lower-impact regimens: Talk to your personal trainer about workouts that will benefit and burn calories, while not pushing you over the edge. And be sure to start with a 5 to 10-minute stretching session that gets the kinks out and your heart pumping. Not only does it prepare your muscles for what’s to come, but it helps to lessen allergy symptoms during your workout.
  • Get ample rest: This is solid advice whether you’re suffering from seasonal allergies or simply wear and tear from a stressful work week. Rest days are integral to successful exercise programs. And overexerting yourself will only aggravate your allergy symptoms. So, if you’re feeling like the tank is closer to empty than full on any given day – give yourself time to recharge. Slow down, take a deep breath, and get back at it the following day.

Fitness Together Ellicott City is ready to help you put some spring back into your step. And a rigorous, custom workout courtesy of our certified trainers may even help to curb some of your spring and seasonal allergy symptoms. We offer personal training in-studio or via virtual live training sessions. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary and comprehensive Fit Evaluation.


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