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Busting Anti Aging Exercise Myths at Fitness Together Ellicott City

Sep 22, 2014

Anti aging exercise is one of the most sought-after components of personal fitness training programs in Ellicott City.

Unfortunately, confusion about the definition of anti aging exercise has prevented many Howard County residents from experiencing its benefits.

What is Anti Aging Exercise?

Anti aging exercise is a core component of many anti aging fitness programs.

To be truly anti aging, an fitness program should be customized for the participant and overseen by a personal trainer.

Anti Aging Exercise Myths

Here are three anti aging exercise myths – and why they shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing personal fitness training in Howard County.

(1) Anti aging exercise does not exist for people over 50.

Even if you’re over the hill, you can still benefit from anti aging exercise through personal training in Ellicott City. Your trainer will create a customized fitness program that can help you reach your goals – no matter what your age!

(2) Anti aging exercise requires complicated gym equipment.

The anti aging market touts creams, contraptions, and complicated rituals as the best way to achieve a younger-looking physique. But anti aging exercise requires just one element – a customized fitness program designed by your personal trainer.

(3) Anti aging exercise requires daily workouts.

Daily intensive workouts, especially strength training, can prevent your muscles from rebuilding properly – thus making you feel older. Two to three personal training sessions per week is the sweet spot for most personal training clients.

Now that you know the truth about many anti aging exercise myths, I bet you feel younger already! Take that to the next level by signing up for a personal fitness training program in Howard County.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, our personal trainers create customized fitness training programs for men and women – regardless of age and or current fitness level.

For more information about personal fitness training in Ellicott City, call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at (410) 750-2228.

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