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8 Ways Stay Motivated for Weight Loss When You Just Can’t Look at Another Piece of Kale

Oct 7, 2015

Diets have a notoriously high failure rate, but that’s because they are often approached in an unproductive way. A diet should never be viewed as punishment or torture, it should be perceived as an opportunity for an individual to uncover his or her ideal self.

These eight ways to stay motivated for weight loss will help you experience success on your journey to your best self:

1. Become a master goal-setter: Starting with the right goals is one of the best ways to stay motivated for weight loss. The right goal for you will be one that is challenging but not impossible, can be implemented gradually, and is something you can get excited about, such as qualifying for the Columbia Iron Girl or walking around Lake Elkhorn in less than 20 minutes. If your ultimate goal is especially daunting, try breaking it up into more manageable sub-goals.

2. Make minor changes: A big mistake that many first-time dieters make is trying to change too many habits at once. If you’re used to eating out twice a day and exercising once a week, it isn’t a good idea to immediately start replacing every meal with a salad and hitting the gym each day. Instead, opt for more gradual changes such as turning your lunch order from a turkey sandwich into a turkey salad or committing to getting to the gym at least three times a week.

3. Tell your inner perfectionist to tone it down: One of your worst weight loss enemies will likely be your inner perfectionist; the voice in your head that tells you you’ll never be thin enough or you don’t have the will-power to see your diet through. This is a normal part of the weight loss process. Just stick to your plan and lean on your support system (see below) for encouragement.

4. Find a support system: Never try to achieve weight loss goals in a vacuum. Seek support from friends and family, as well as professional guidance from a personal trainer, to help you stay on track. You can also lean on members of your support team whenever your oh-so-insistent inner-critic begins to get out of hand.

5. Indulge in the right kind of rewards: Rewarding yourself when you reach a new milestone is one of the best ways to stay motivated for weight loss because rewards provide you with positive affirmation as well as a break from constantly thinking about your diet. But stay away from food-based rewards. Instead, opt for a trip to the spa, a new outfit, or an entire day of relaxation.

6. Practice keeping your commitments: From cleaning out the garage to finally making time to meet with an old friend you’ve been “too busy” to stay in touch with, making a conscious effort to stick to other commitments in your life will empower you to keep your diet and exercise efforts going strong.

7. Incorporate exercise into your plan: To be successful, your weight loss plan must combine healthier dietary choices with an increased amount of physical activity. Since what you eat has a direct impact on your energy levels, participating in a guided nutrition plan that is based on your level of physical activity is essential.

8. Make a maintenance plan: Losing weight might not be an easy process but it’s often much simpler than trying to keep that weight from creeping up on you again. The key is to create and implement a plan for maintaining your healthier physique. Periodic check-ins with a dietary professional can help you re-evaluate and tweak your exercise and nutrition plan as your goals and lifestyle needs change.

Of all the ways to stay motivated for weight loss, the most crucial is to find an approach that works for you. The trainers at Fitness Together Ellicott City will work with you to craft a unique exercise and nutrition plan to help you achieve your weight loss aims without going to extreme lengths that aren’t sustainable over the long-term. Want to lose weight in a healthy way? Call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at (410) 750-2228.


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