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8 Things Your Fitness Coach Wants to Tell You

Aug 10, 2016

The relationship between a fitness coach and his or her clients is entirely unique. It’s an exchange of currency for knowledge and mentorship, and often – brutal honesty regarding the latter’s physique. There’s nothing else quite like it.

At Fitness Together, our personal trainers pride themselves on an ability to foster open dialogue with their customers. Still, you may wonder at times what your trainer is thinking. Let’s face it – neither one of us is a mind-reader. But we can help you with some insight.

The following are eight things your fitness coach wants you to know:

  • Be honest. It’s not only the crux of physical fitness, but everything you do in life. And every single entry on this list is, in one way or another, an extension of this core value. A fitness coach can only do so much in the time allotted for a workout session. Lying about one’s diet does not hurt the trainer – it hurts the trainee, and delays any potential results. Lying about your medical history? Well, that’s outright dangerous.
  • Only you are responsible for your actions after leaving the studio. One or two one-hour supervised workouts per week cannot begin to make a dent in a month of disastrous eating choices and sedentary behavior.
  • Stick to the plan. At the beginning of your enrollment, your fitness coach designs a plan tailored to your needs, specifically. Straying too far from the course can impede your progress, if not derail it altogether. Overtraining between sessions could do more harm than good. If exercising between visits to the studio are part of your routine, make sure to coordinate how much and how often with your fitness coach to allow for any necessary adjustments and to avoid injury.
  • Please, don’t starve yourself. Caloric needs increase in conjunction with your fitness level. Remember to stay hydrated and come ready to workout already fueled by a snack rich in carbs and protein. This is essential.
  • No excuses. Your personal trainer has heard everything under the sun – from truly legitimate issues of time constraints and minor injuries, to the more outlandish – like an aversion to vegetables. In the event of a minor injury that could hinder your workout – such as a sprained ankle or wrist –a qualified personal trainer will be able to redirect your session to prevent any further damage while still maintaining some exercise value.
  • Be professional. As much as you may enjoy your trainer’s company, and vice versa, it is important to remember that yours is a business relationship and must be treated as such in order to ensure results. The ideal fitness coach will respect your schedule, and expects you to do likewise. This means no last minute cancellations and no special privileges or accommodations for no-shows.
  • “I’m human, too.” We all have our stories, and our histories – and, most likely, your personal trainer once battled weight or body image issues in the past. We understand the hurdles involved, and will do everything in our power to help you overcome them. Also like you, your trainer is not a doctor. While a fitness coach can help you to bring your body into balance, there are limits to what advice he or she can offer, and should be upfront with you about this from the start.
  • “I am proud of your commitment.” At Fitness Together Ellicott City, our trainers endeavor to provide positive feedback every step of the way. We understand that getting fit is not easy, but we believe in you and think you are doing a phenomenal job.

Personal training is designed to hone your body, not your psychic ability. There are many things your fitness coach wants you to understand, and likely many more things you would like to know. The best way to ensure a positive experience? If you’re in doubt – ask questions. Discuss. Collaborate.

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