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7 Tips for Eating Healthier This Spring

Apr 11, 2013

With the warm weather right around the corner, we know it won’t be hard to start exercising again. Whether you go for a run around the neighborhood or take up a yoga class in the park, springtime makes it easy to shed your impulse to hibernate, but what about eating healthier, more nutritious foods?

Spring and summer meals are filled with hot dogs, ice cream, chips, and potato salads. Sometimes, it can be hard to stay away from these treats, but if you want to do your workout routine justice, try these seven tips for eating healthier this spring.

  1. Try the most popular fruit. What’s the most popular fruit? If you guessed bananas, you’re right. Packed with fiber and potassium, bananas can help you keep your blood pressure at a healthy level.
  2. Cut out the salt. A major contributor to high blood pressure, salt is in about 80 percent of all of our processed foods. Nine out of ten Americans eat more than the recommended daily amount of salt: 1500mg, or about three quarters of a teaspoon.
  3. Try this surprising fruit. Peas are a very nutritious and packed with fiber. Along with other legumes, peas can provide you with an excellent source of protein, calcium, and certain vitamins and minerals.
  4. Eat roasted red beets. With only 35 calories per half cup, red beets contain fiber, folate, manganese, calcium, and other nutrients. Their red color is derived from an antioxidant pigment called betalain. Baste them with extra virgin olive oil and roast them in the oven for a great snack.
  5. Go with red when you eat a salad. Red leaf lettuce has seven calories per cup, which means this vegetable is a great choice for a low-cal, nutritious meal. With vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, iron, calcium, potassium, and other antioxidants, you will never go back to Iceberg lettuce.
  6. Eat some cherry tomatoes. Notable for being packed with lutein, which can help your eyes stay healthy, and lycopene, which helps prevent prostate cancer, cherry tomatoes are the perfect spring and summer snack. They’re also low in calories and a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  7. Make a list. Writing down what you eat is one good way of getting back on track for the upcoming bathing suit season. Hold yourself accountable and watch as you shed those pounds.

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