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6 Benefits of Utilizing Personalized Professional Fitness Training

Mar 22, 2017

Although the decision to get fit may ultimately enrich the lives of people surrounding an individual, it remains a deeply personal investment – one that involves a great deal of self-trust and introspection. So why hammer it out in an impersonal gym setting?

The following are six benefits of utilizing truly personalized professional fitness training:

  • Get some undivided attention – Personalized professional fitness training is just that – personal. It is your professional trainer’s job to evaluate and assess where you are in your physical fitness journey, and develop a workout program custom-tailored to your individual needs, goals, and medical background. This one-on-one approach ensures that you remain on the best path for you, as an individual, setting realistic, achievable, and safe goals; incorporating just the right amount of resistance; and making the most out of the time you have budgeted.
  • Manage your weight – While weight loss should never be the entire impetus for pursuing professional fitness training, it is a tremendous byproduct of living a healthier life. And once you have shed some troublesome pounds, physical fitness will allow you to maintain your brand new shape. The right trainer will also offer extensive nutritional guidance to keep you on the straight-and-narrow. Like your workout, your diet will need to be crafted to fit your fitness goals – from weight loss to body building – and your own body’s physiological needs.
  • Get to know your own body better – One of the greatest benefits of receiving professional assistance is gaining an understanding of proper technique, form, and posture that will allow you to avoid injury. A professional trainer will also be able to point out areas in which you may be experiencing misalignment, and can take necessary measures to correct them, while working to improve your cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, and beyond. What’s more, you can begin to implement this newfound knowledge while exercising outside of the studio on you own time.
  • Ward off illness – Individuals suffering ailments from arthritis to diabetes have been shown to benefit tremendously from professional fitness training. Specific exercises, too, have been proven to aid in the relief of lower-back pain and various injuries, and workouts can provide incredible support for pre and postnatal mothers. Additionally, your family doctor and your personal trainer can collaborate on a program designed to expedite your healing and/or recovery.
  • Maintain your enthusiasm – It can be difficult to keep up the initial excitement of a new workout – especially a few weeks into your regimen, when results are not as noticeable as you may have anticipated. A professional fitness coach can help you keep your eye on the prize, while introducing new and varied exercises that will prevent boredom from setting in.
  • Say what you mean, and mean what you say (and sweat) – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Professional fitness training keeps you accountable. It’s so much harder to slack off when you are A) Paying for a service, and B) Infringing on someone else’s schedule. You won’t want to let your trainer down. And at Fitness Together Ellicott City, our certified trainers will never let you down, either.

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