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5 Tips for Ordering the Healthiest Menu Items

Jul 17, 2020

Slowly, but surely, restaurants are reopening. Some states have even reinstated dine-in service, with plenty of precautions. In Maryland, we still have to settle for takeout, temporarily. And settle, we will – because these last few months have been a long haul, and we long for the comforts of normalcy.

But just because we are getting curbside service does not mean we can kick healthy eating to the curb. Rules still apply. Check out the following five tips for ordering the from your favorite restaurant:

  • Go Romaine for the main course: In other words, choose an entrée salad – but one that’s well-balanced with protein such as grilled chicken or seafood. Opt for dressing on the side – and then only drizzle, don’t pour.
  • Choose condiments wisely: Order burgers and sandwiches plain so you can be in charge of condiment control directly. And then stick with ketchup and mustard, or spice things up with relish or salsa. Mayo is a no-no, and dressings are also relatively fattening.
  • Read between the lines: Pay careful attention to menu descriptions, and stick with items that are grilled, steamed, or broiled. Avoid those featuring the F word – “fried” (of course). Foods that are described as being breaded, crispy, or smothered (in anything) are generally not weight-conscious, either.
  • Take a good look at your soup. Can you see through it? Clear broths are the healthier choice. Pass on anything that’s cream based.
  • Eat like a child. No, we don’t mean throwing a tantrum or holding your breath because you can’t order the double BBQ bacon burger. And we’re not talking about playing with your food, either. BUT – if possible, order off the kids’ menu. Smaller portion-sizes for fries, burgers, and desserts allow you to indulge in your favorites, but with moderation.

Here’s a bonus tip – particularly during a time when we are gradually emerging from quarantine: pick a restaurant that is within walking distance; preferably 10-15 minutes. Not only will you get great food, but a good workout, to boot. And you can use the walk there to decide on the to order.

Speaking of exercise – it remains the cornerstone of a healthier lifestyle, in conjunction with eating well. Gyms and fitness studios like ours may be closed for the time being, but the need for routine workouts remains. That’s why Fitness Together Ellicott City was quick to implement a 1:1 virtual training program, which delivers personalized physical fitness sessions delivered by certified personal trainers directly to your home. If you have an Internet connection and a computer or mobile device – you’re all set. Contact us today to ask about a free first session.


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