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5 Jolly Weight Loss Tips

Dec 17, 2019

It seems to come faster every year – those holly, jolly, hectic days leading up to family get-togethers, office parties, and the main holiday event itself. By this time each year, we’ve somehow survived the Thanksgiving blitz, and are doing our level best to avoid eating an entire tray of Christmas cookies.

Unlike that funny old elf in the red, fur-trimmed suit with the amazing metabolism, we can’t simply lay a finger aside of our noses to leap into action, nor do we have a fleet of eight reindeer at our disposal to carry us to and from work and school and home.

If that chubby and plump feeling has begun to settle in and looks only to become more challenging in the days ahead, fear not! Here are five stellar weight loss tips to help you dash away all of those empty calories and stay true to that healthier lifestyle you’ve envisioned.

  1. Don’t starve yourself. Obviously, weight gain is related to eating and overeating. So, it stands to reason: if you let lunch go and forbid yourself from snacking prior to a holiday soiree, you can bank those borrowed calories and binge a little later on, right? Wrong. By the time you get to that party, you may be too hungry to make sound nutritional choices, and that’s when the problems start. The solution? Don’t skip lunch. But keep it simple and protein-packed. And allow yourself a healthy snack in between, like an apple or an energy bar. This will allow you to employ moderation when you need it most, while still having a good time. That being said…
  2. Over the lips? No. Chew the gum: Helping prepare the holiday feast, this year? Sounds great. Just be mindful of mid-prep snacking. A bite of this and that, here and there, can add untold calories to your day and wreak havoc on your waistline unnecessarily. Instead, reach for a stick of spearmint gum to keep your jaws busy and to curb any cravings until dinner is ready.
  3. Set smaller goals: Long-term objectives are great, and you need to keep your eye on that prize that will only be attainable through months, if not years, of diligent effort. But it’s the smaller victories that are going to give you the fuel to keep plugging away, particularly during the holiday season when there are so many functions and festivities that are competing with your weight loss plan. While you’re navigating the remainder of the holiday hustle & bustle, be sure to square away 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 more to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood.
  4. Drink. (Water. Did We Say ‘Water?’): Sure, soda and juice have so-so hydrating properties – but they’re also filled with sugar and other additives. Good old H2O is not only essential for, you know, living – but it can help create a sense of fullness, which is yet another tool to help you avoid overindulgence.
  5. Seek help from a personal trainer: A certified personal trainer, like those at Fitness Together Ellicott City, can hold you accountable while you pursue your weight loss goals, keeping you honest, encouraged, and exercising. Not only can they provide you with weight loss tips for the holiday season, but they will work closely with you to develop a road map for a healthier lifestyle for years to come.

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