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5 Easy At-Home Fitness Hacks When Old Man Winter Hits

Dec 28, 2020

Looking for some at-home fitness hacks to turn to once the weather turns ugly? Look no further.

Saying that winter weather in the Mid-Atlantic can be unpredictable is an understatement. While we haven’t seen a great deal of precipitation yet this year, it’s more than likely that at some point before the season is over, we’ll be stuck at home once again – this time because of snow, sleet, or freezing rain.

Adjusting isn’t too big of a deal for most of us, but when we rely on regularly scheduled studio time for our exercise needs, it can be frustrating. For older individuals, the risks associated with long-term inactivity – loss of strength and endurance, insulin resistance, muscle loss, and more – are particularly daunting, and make figuring out some stellar alternatives to exercise that much more important.

But don’t despair. We’ve cobbled together a list of 5 phenomenal at-home fitness hacks for when snow and ice are in the forecast. Mix and match – whatever makes you happy and healthy. The biggest thing is to just get moving!

  • Resistance is NOT futile: Bodyweight or resistance exercises remain some of the most efficient, reliable, and readily available workouts you can do at home. They do not rely on weights or equipment, and you can exercise multiple muscle groups at the same time using simple routines implementing pushups, pull ups, sit ups, squats, planks, and so much more. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even attempt a handstand – but be sure to use the wall for support and to prevent injury.
  • Put the pedal to the metal: If you have a stationary bike that has been collecting dust in the corner of the garage, now is a great time to get pedaling. Cycling is an ideal exercise for strengthening the core, the calves, the thighs, and more, all while burning hundreds of calories.
  • Bust a move: Snow piled up outside the door? Now you can really dance like no one’s watching and benefit from some amazing cardio in the process.
  • How’d you like to build a snowman? Frosty may not have the smallest waistline but building him may just help manage yours. Give it a try. If it’s been a minute, you may have forgotten just how rigorous a workout it can be. In addition to providing phenomenal cardio benefits, each snowman segment requires strength training stamina (particularly when you go to hoist that headpiece on top). Invite the kids out in the yard for a rousing snowball fight, or – if the snow is particularly deep – do a few laps around the house and burn some serious calories.
  • Walk it off: Jack Frost may have made heading outdoors unpleasant, but you can still take a stroll around your house. The important thing is to fit motion into your day whenever the opportunity arises – when you’re on the phone, while something is being reheated in the microwave, and even during commercial breaks. The point is to resist sedentary behavior. By the way, if you have a staircase in your home, put it to good use. A few trips up and down the stairs can get your heart pumping, while working out multiple muscle groups.

Rest assured, even if we have a snow day or two, Fitness Together Ellicott City is still here for you. Once the plows have done their thing and the roads are clear, our doors will be open and our trainers will be waiting for you. Call us today at 410-750-2228 to schedule your first (or next) session!


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