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4 Ways to Enjoy Libations and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Nov 13, 2019

We’re not here to tell you that you can drink like a fish and still maintain a perfect physique. There are a number of reasons that alcohol can throw a monkey wrench into those weight loss goals – from the empty calories (7 per gram) to the wonky effects on your metabolism.

However, we’re all adults here. (We are, aren’t we?) And there is also a significant case to be made for why you can still pursue a healthier lifestyle and a trimmer body while still enjoying a social beverage or two (or three? OK, let’s not push it.)

The good news about weight loss that truly lasts? It’s typically based on a lifestyle of moderation.

So, good news – you can still enjoy a drink or two without worrying about railroading that weight loss plan. Just take the following four tips into consideration:

  1. Reduce your intake. It may sound almost stupidly simple but reducing how much you drink goes a long way toward maintaining your fitness goals. If you’re accustomed to having two glasses of wine at night, make it one instead.
  2. Choose your beverages wisely: Before heading to the bar, read up on the contents of what you’re drinking. Read the labels, memorize the calorie counts, and steer clear of sweet mixed drinks. Consider this: a 5 oz. glass of champagne clocks in at 90 calories, while a 12 oz. bottle of regular beer contributes 103 to your waistline. And sweet mixes and cocktails? Forget about it. Syrups and sweeteners can add a slew of calories to a beverage that’s already rife with them. Stick to the basics: some booze on the rocks with a fresh spritz of lime.
  3. Don’t skip meals. Think you might offset those alcohol-based calories by skimping on dinner? Think again. Most cocktails are laden with simple carbohydrates, which can cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash spectacularly. You’ll end up starving, and no further ahead. Having a high-protein meal or snack a couple of hours before you head to the club can give you much-needed energy and satisfy your appetite, so you are not susceptible to booze-induced cravings. Keep in mind: It’s important not to eat while drinking, as our bodies will begin removing alcohol from the bloodstream first, putting off processing the food stuffs until later. This throws metabolism out of whack and ultimately interrupts any weight loss progress.
  4. Remember: water’s a drink, too. So have some. Particularly in between alcoholic beverages. Not only does it fill up your stomach making you less likely to excessively imbibe, but it prevents dehydration and helps to ease the stress on your liver and kidneys.

The most important thing to remember? Enjoying alcohol while trying to lose weight involves a balance of those two desires.

Welcome to the tough love part of the blog.

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