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4 Ways a Howard County Personal Trainer Can Help You Conquer the New Year

Jan 8, 2018

No sooner than the last bars of “Auld Lang Syne” escaped thousands upon thousands of lips on Jan. 1, the best intentions of countless fitness hopefuls evaporated into the frigid night air.

In fact, overall, 80 percent of New Years’ resolutions fail within the first two months.

But with the right personal trainer – your resolution does not have to be one of them. Here are just four ways the right professional can help you conquer 2018, and feel awesome while doing it.

  • Trainers can help you bring balance to your force – Just like the titular Jedi of this winter’s box office sensation, Star Wars, Howard County personal trainers can help you strike the ideal between cardio exercise and weight training. Alternating days – one on strength training, one on aerobics – has been shown to endorse a greater overall sense of well-being. Combining disciplines, too, has its myriad benefits. A knowledgeable trainer can help you formulate a winning schedule.
  • They can help you train for a specific event – Is there a 5K in your future? An upcoming Tough Man competition? Are you planning a cross country skiing adventure? A Howard County personal trainer can help you lose weight, build stamina, and hone your focus in advance of whatever goal or goals you set for yourself in 2018.
  • They can provide nutritional guidance – Your personal trainer can help you avoid the onslaught of nutritional lies that permeate the Internet. Quick fixes and overnight lifestyle changes simply are not a part of their vernacular. Instead, a personal trainer can keep you up to date on national guidelines regarding sustainable diet and exercise routines, as well as the proper balance of proteins, macronutrients, water, and more.
  • They hold you accountable – “Post-holiday guilt” is one of the leading factors that sink New Year intentions in less than three months’ time. Set that useless and wasteful way of thinking aside. A quality personal trainer will give you the initiative you need to stick to a program – and allow you to have fun while doing it.

A New Year of opportunity has just started. It’s not too late to make a lasting resolution for yourself – not to lose 100 pounds or become as buff as The Rock, but to simply take a step toward a healthier, happier lifestyle. Our Howard County personal trainers can help. Contact Fitness Together Ellicott City today at 410-750-2228.


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