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4 Reasons Fall is a Great Time to Start a Fitness Program

Aug 21, 2019

You can almost smell the pumpkin spice, can’t you?

Technically, a few more weeks of summer – and undoubtedly the high temps that come with it – await us still. But there is that unmistakable hint of autumn in the air; that promise of crisp, cool walks in the park, the familiar crunch of leaves underfoot – and the flicker of candlelight beyond closed windows.

And the kids are going back to school, and the holidays are fast approaching – and even though we’ll soon be able to wear layers to ostensibly hide a Halloween candy and Christmas cookie gut, autumn may just be the perfect time to start a fitness program.

Here are four great reasons why:

  1. Comfort. Milder temperatures mean no more sweating like an animal just because you walked from the car to the gym. Save that perspiration for where it was meant to fly – the fitness studio.
  2. Scheduling. Normalcy returns for many of us in the autumn months. Those languid summer afternoons and beachcombing vacation days are squarely in the rearview, for the most part, and we’re back to daily grind and a 9-5 reality. This is far more conducive to setting a fitness routine and sticking to it. On the flip side, the hectic holiday schedule throws many a day planner into disarray. If you plan ahead, you can take advantage of this – and get easier, earlier access to the elliptical machine and stationary bike.
  3. Education. Every year our kids begrudgingly go back to school, only to apply their cumulative knowledge thus far and take their training to the next level, gradually preparing them for life beyond school walls. We should take a page from their textbook and do the same for our health. Fall is a perfect time to learn something new. So, whether you’ve been pondering plyometrics or hankering for some HIIT guidance, now is the time to talk to your personal trainer about mixing things up.
  4. Nutrition. Farmers markets and seasonal goods such as apples, pears, pecans, pumpkins, and more make healthier, happier eating more easily obtainable and fun to pursue. Plus, a more energized body helps everything else – including starting a fitness program – fall into place.

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