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4 Positive Fitness Examples We Should Set For Our Children

Dec 17, 2018

For many, the holiday season is a time of togetherness. Multiple generations are often gathered on multiple occasions to share in festive activities, shopping excursions, and family meals.

If you are a parent or a grandparent, the holidays are a phenomenal opportunity to share something else: positive fitness examples for your children.

Here are just four that can help to ensure plenty of happy, healthy holiday get-togethers in the future:

  • Get in the habit. In other words, make fitness a priority. Make it routine. Children want to be like their parents – and their grandparents. If they see you making time to lead a healthier lifestyle, they will ultimately want to adopt those behaviors, as well. Mark upcoming visits to the fitness studio on your kitchen calendar and make a point not to miss them. While you’re out and about this season, show your children where you go to exercise. Kids love to know where their parents and grandparents go off to during the day – and imagine one day doing the same thing themselves.

  • Eat better. We know. This can be particularly difficult when it comes to the holiday season and the seemingly never-ending supply of goodies that lurks in every store, home, and holiday party. Just remember: everything in moderation. Instead of reaching for that umpteenth slice of pie, or another glass of eggnog, show restraint. A little goes a long, long way.
    Additionally, as your family gears up for holiday gatherings and get-togethers, involve your children and grandchildren in the planning of the menu. Shopping trips for critical ingredients are a great way to begin teaching your children nutritional staples and guidelines. Ask your personal trainer for some healthy eating tips before you go.

  • Don’t be hard on yourself. We all resort to trash-talking our own bodies from time to time, especially when the bathroom scale isn’t telling us what we want to hear (and the mirror is backing it up). But beware. Defeatist attitudes are contagious, and damaging. And children are always listening in, even if it doesn’t appear that way. Don’t focus on the things that are wrong ad nauseum. Concentrate on what you’re doing – and are planning to do – to make things better.

  • Have fun. Don’t force things. Help fashion the concept of fitness into something your children and grandchildren can look forward to. Let your kids see how enthused you are after a personal training session. Equip them with positive fitness examples, and they’ll grow up with an excitement for exercise, too.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, our certified personal trainers understand that one of the keys to getting and staying fit is having fun doing it.

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