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4 Personal Training Tips to Keep You Young at Heart this Valentine’s Day

Feb 11, 2019

Did you know February is American Heart Month?

It’s probably no coincidence that it coincides with that other observation involving red ribbons and bows and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.

You know what else isn’t a coincidence? Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of men and women throughout the United States, in part because of the sheer number of risk factors associated with the condition – so says the Centers for Disease Control. (And like Cupid, they’re typically on target.)

Here are 4 personal training tips that can keep you heart-healthy, not only for Valentine’s Day – or Heart Awareness Month – but throughout 2019 and beyond:

  • Get that blood pumping, that body moving, that heart beating: Put simply: exercise. At least 30 minutes per day, five days a week. And more works too.
  • You can be on Cloud 9, but your cholesterol needs to be way lower: High cholesterol and high blood pressure are both predominant risk factors for heart disease. Unsure of your numbers? Many people are. Talk to your family doctor today to find out if you’re at risk. Lifestyle changes – including regular exercise (see above) – can help to mitigate the danger. Your personal trainer can also offer nutritional guidance that can help.
  • Try not to sweat it (unless you’re at the gym): Stress can take you out – and not in a romantic evening for two sort of way, but in hair-pulling, “I can’t take it anymore” eruptions that tend to exacerbate if not treated. Do what you can to eliminate extraneous stresses in your life. Take time for yourself, when you need it. Try Yoga or meditation. Escape to a corner with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and a good book, or a good friend. But. Calm. Down.
  • You can be red hot without smoking: This isn’t necessarily a personal training tip, but you’d be hard pressed to find a trainer that would endorse a smoking habit. The National Institutes of Health says smokers are much more likely to have a heart attack than non-smokers. If you quit today, your risk of heart disease is cut in half just one year from now. Combined with the hazardous effects on your lungs, your skin, your teeth, and just about every other bodily function you and your Valentine are fond of, now might be a great time to consult your family physician and put a plan in place to quit.

Want to be young at heart, regardless of your age? Fitness Together Ellicott City can help you love your body, and treat it right – on Valentine’s Day, Easter, Arbor Day, next Tuesday, and every other day of the year.

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