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3 Ways You Can Stick to Your Fitness Nutrition Plan – Without Glue!

Aug 25, 2014

You vowed to stick to your fitness nutrition plan when you started personal training a few months ago.

But lately, you’ve come “unglued.” Summer food traditions have pushed you farther and farther away from achieving your personal fitness goals.

Cheer up! Just as there are several easy ways to burn calories in summer, there are also several ways to maintain your fitness nutrition plan this season.

And not one of them requires glue!

(1) Keep a food and beverage journal.

Your fitness nutrition plan outlines the quality and quantity of food you should consume to help meet your personal fitness goals. Hold yourself accountable by writing down the details of each meal. Also, try keeping track of cravings to help identify daily patterns.

(2) Spend more time enjoying your food.

Your fitness nutrition plan may require you to consume less food than you are accustomed to. So make sure you enjoy the foods and beverages you are allowed to have. Chew each bite 30 times to savor the taste and improve nutrient digestion.

(3) Reread your list of personal training goals.

The reason your fitness nutrition plan exists is to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Keep lists of your goals in the kitchen and in your lunchbox to remind yourself of the consequences of deviating from your fitness nutrition plan.

Remember that your fitness nutrition plan is a guideline – you can still make progress even if you don’t stick to it like glue. Just try to maintain a healthy balance between the foods you enjoy and the foods that will help you achieve your personal training goals.

Also, ask your fitness trainer for personalized advice on the best way to maintain your fitness nutrition plan.

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