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3 Ways to Make Healthier Summer Meal Choices

Aug 11, 2014

With help from personal fitness training, summer can be one of the best seasons for burning calories. Unfortunately, it can also inspire some of the worst nutritional choices you’ll make all year.

Here’s how to make healthier decisions at three prime destinations this season:

(1) On the Patio

It’s tough to resist the pleasing aroma of burgers on a backyard grill. Just go easy on the meat – choose a lighter protein, such as fish or shrimp. Try grilling fruits and veggies for a colorful twist, and reduce portion sizes by serving everything on skewers.

(2) At the Ball Game

Hot dogs may not be as American as apple pie, but they are ballpark staples. Unfortunately, so are cotton candy, peanuts, and beer. Lighten your game – grab a salad from the food court or pack some fruit for a snack. Keep hydrated with water, not alcohol.

(3) In the Amusement Park

The portion sizes of amusement park foods are more terrifying than their tallest roller coasters. And with high prices, too, you’re better off leaving your wallet and your mouth closed. Eat a healthy breakfast, and make smart lunch choices: Swap the hoagie for a wrap and the funnel cake for frozen yogurt.

The occasional hot dog or indulgence won’t undo months of personal fitness training success. But your nutritional choices will affect your energy level and overall health. Ask your personal trainer to explain how your indulgences could affect your progress.

Enjoy the summer excitement, but always remember to get enough sleep and to consume alcohol responsibly.

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