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3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Apr 28, 2014

Good personal fitness trainers talk with their trainees about sleep’s effect on performance.

But when it comes to shut-eye, a squadron of “sleep police” has emerged. These doctors, health gurus, and others have earned considerable media coverage while arguing about the exact number of sleep hours we need.

Getting enough sleep is important. But sleep quality is important, too.

Here are three things you can do before bedtime to improve your sleep quality – no matter how many hours you get each night:

1. Avoid adrenaline-pumping TV. The “sleep police” don’t have their own reality show, but the tube offers many action-packed choices. Action is a fun genre – just not before bed. Save your adrenaline for your personal fitness training sessions.

2. Trade your cell phone for a book. The light produced by electronic devices can prevent your body from falling asleep. Instead of surfing the web on your mobile phone or tablet, read a book by the light of your desk lamp.

3. Keep calm, cool, and comfortable. Hopping into a warm bed is a great start to sleep. But itchy pajamas and a too-hot room can make you toss and turn. Choose comfortable sleepwear, and adjust your bedroom’s temperature before turning in.

Unlike the “sleep police,” personal fitness trainers talk with you – not at you – about how sleep can help you achieve your fitness goals.

The next time you work with your personal trainer, ask him or her how many hours of sleep you need for maximum wellness.

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