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3 Ways to Get - and Stay - Healthy at Your Fitness Training Studio

Jul 11, 2016

Getting healthy can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a matter of shedding problematic extra pounds or swearing off sugar; for others, it’s a daily balance of diet and exercise; for others, still, it’s a belief system.

For those who are considering enrollment at a fitness training studio, the process of getting healthy – and staying that way – will be discussed at length between the individual and their prospective personal trainer. After all, there are many roads that lead to physical fitness. Most trainers, however, would likely agree with the following three suggestions:

  • Get moving – Cardiovascular exercise involves movement that increases your heart rate, thereby improving oxygen consumption by the body. It is a crucial element in physical fitness, and has been proven to improve metabolism and circulatory functions; boost strength and endurance; lower blood pressure; and replace fat with muscle. Sadly, many fitness training studios are sorely lacking when it comes to training and program design regarding cardiovascular exercise. This ultimately can lead to a chain of unsuccessful sessions for their clients, and – in a worst case scenario – injury. A qualified and accredited personal trainer will be able to provide one-on-one consultation that addresses your specific health and fitness goals, and can use that information to create a program that is just right for you.
  • Get lifting – At most fitness training studios, strength training is a key tenet of achieving a healthier body. When properly taught, it can prove invaluable to the overall improvement of your health and well-being, with myriad benefits such as increased bone density; muscle, tendon, and ligament strength; improved joint function; increased metabolism; and much, much more. Again, a certified personal trainer will be able to custom tailor a program perfectly suited to a client’s current skill level, while building into the regimen successive stages of difficulty and, ultimately, results.
  • Get sanitized – Getting healthy is one thing. Not getting sick is another. It’s true that cardiovascular exercise and strength training go hand in hand in achieving a healthier lifestyle. But also going into hands – namely, yours – are the handles and levers of communal exercise equipment. Fitness Together Ellicott City prides itself on maintaining a pristine facility for all of our customers. But no matter how vigilant our staff may be, it doesn’t change the fact that a fitness training studio is a high-traffic environment in which many hands share common tools. So make liberal use of the hand sanitizer stationed throughout the studio to avoid catching a random virus that could keep you from achieving your goals. And then – back to work. The more fit you become, the healthier you’ll feel. And that’s a fact.

Fitness Together Ellicott City’s proprietary Cardio Together™ program works hand-in-hand with its Aspire 8™ strength training to improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions, boost metabolism and circulatory functions, and promote a feeling of wellness in our clients.

We also offer fully equipped private and semi-private workout suites that are thoroughly cleaned and fully prepped before your arrival. Call us today for more information, at (410) 750-2228.


Schedule a complimentary fit evaluation so we can get to know you and your goals and build you a customized training program to reach them.