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3 Ways to Combat Stress With Exercise

Mar 24, 2014

If Caesar had a personal trainer, he really should have seen him in March. Why? March 15 – the notorious Ides – was the most stressful day of Caesar’s life, and personal fitness training has been proven to reduce stress.

Feeling stressed one day per month may have been typical for an ancient Roman. But not for the modern professional. Between our jobs, our families, and our finances, we face a whirlwind of stressors each and every day.

Personal fitness training is one of the healthiest ways to prevent daily stress from becoming chronic stress. Here’s how it can help:

Clearing your mind. When you’re working out with your personal trainer, you’re laser-focused on meeting your fitness goals as you run, jump, and stretch. You leave your stressors at the door as you suit up and start to sweat.

Boosting your mood. Exercise, particularly personal fitness training, can cause the release of endorphins and other “happy hormones” that give you a better outlook on your life. With a fresh attitude, you’ll feel more capable of confronting your stress head-on.

Improving your self-image. You always feel proud of yourself after a difficult workout. But exercise can improve your entire self-image, empowering you not only to achieve your fitness goals but also your personal goals, such as getting caught up with your finances or spending more time with your children or grandchildren.

When asked why they exercise, most people list goals such as losing weight, improving endurance, and achieving flexibility. Clearly, they should also add “reducing stress” to that list.

Unlike loud, crowded gyms, Fitness Together Ellicott City provides a relaxing environment for exercise that allows you to reduce stress as you sweat.

Are you stressed? Want to try personal fitness training as a healthy way to reduce your stress? Then why not sign up for a personal fitness training session at Fitness Together? Call us today at 410.750.2228!


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