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3 Ways a Physical Fitness Studio is Like the Fountain of Youth

Aug 2, 2018

Time waits for no man.

So it’s a good thing most physical fitness studios open pretty early in the morning.

Get there early enough, and a certified trainer may even be able to help you reverse the aging process. Or, at least, slow it down.

People have often wondered if the effects of aging are simply a time-honored rite of passage, or if they are more distinctly related to lifestyle. The older we get, the easier it is for a sedentary lifestyle to take hold, and for a fit physique to gradually slip away. Exercise is somewhat of a rarity beyond the age of 65, with only 28-34% of this population being physically active.

But remaining active – exercising– is perhaps one of the closest things humanity has to the proverbial fountain of youth.

Recently, studies of older cyclists conducted by experts at King’s College London and the University of Birmingham in Englandshowed that while endurance and strength do naturally wear over time, physical activity has a distinct bearing on the effects of age. Regular physical activity can affect everything from muscle mass to immune response, resulting in older people appearing (internally, at least) biologically younger.

Hats off to these scientists for the vote of confidence – but it’s no big surprise, really. Over the years, cardio and weight training have been shown time and time again to promote healthier organs and muscles, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and boost cognitive function.

Regular exercise, such as that taught at a physical fitness studio, is imperative for individuals over the age of 55 to promote strong bones and prevent injury. For those who have suffered a fall and/or breaks, physical therapy and moderate exercise are the key to a swift and complete recovery.

Here are three more reasons that exercise can be our own, personal fountain of youth.

  1. Exercise energizes. Regular exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system. This improves circulation, which gives you more energy. More energy improves your mood, staves off depression, and helps you get a good night’s rest. Getting a good night’s rest encourages you to get up and go, no matter how old you are.
  2. Exercise thwarts disease. Exercise is the sworn and proven enemy of chronic disease. So start working out as soon as possible. Ostracize osteoporosis. KO the potential for some cancers with cardio. And toss Type 2 diabetes to the curb.
  3. Exercise gives us a reason to leave the house.It’s hard to be a hermit when you have an appointment at the physical fitness studio. Exercise can keep us active and social as we age. Signing up for classes gives us the impetus to get up off the couch, turn off the TV, and venture outside.

Want to feel forever young? There’s no time like the present to start working out. Give Fitness Together Ellicott City a call at (410) 750-2228. We can help tailor the perfect personal training program to fit your needs and goals.


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