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3 Ways a Fitness Coach Can Keep You Motivated During the Holidays Ahead

Oct 30, 2017

The kids’ Halloween candy hasn’t even hit the counter yet, and already the gears of our minds are beginning to crank toward Thanksgiving pies, corn bread stuffing, and Christmas cookies.

Weeks ago, high calorie heralds of the season appeared on store shelves, and it won’t be long before grocery ads start announcing deals like “all the gravy you can cram in a shopping cart for $1.”

But it’s not just tempting treats that can distract us from physical fitness. After the first weekend of November – forget about it. We’re off to the races with holiday shopping, office parties, family get-togethers, and more – and who has time for exercise, then?

Well, you do – with the proper motivation from your fitness coach.

Here are just three ways a personal trainer can keep you motivated throughout the holidays ahead:

  • They make things fun. This is essential. The holidays are a time of merriment, and it’s difficult to stay focused on fitness goals when there are so many exciting events vying for our attention. Fitness coaches can make exercise one of them.

A professional personal trainer has the knowledge and the ingenuity to mix things up, while maintaining that edge a workout session requires. He or she will also encourage you to try exercises and equipment you may have been working toward, or simply have not had time for. Music, too, has been proven to elevate mood. So if holiday tunes are your thing, a trainer can help you Jingle Bell Rock that elliptical machine.

  • They remain realistic. Your fitness coach understands that the holiday season is a busy time. After all, they’re human, too, and are looking forward to their own traditions. A quality trainer will incorporate flexibility into your regimen by helping you to schedule appointments early in the morning or after work, combining sessions, and even fashioning at-home workouts that you can squeeze in at your leisure, utilizing the lessons you’ve learned at the studio. They will also help you strategize a nutritional plan that will allow you to maintain your weight throughout the holidays, while still permitting the occasional festive treat throughout the next two months.
  • They help you set short term goals. These aren’t the end-of-year goals you established when you first met with your fitness coach, but smaller triumphs (30 more minutes on the treadmill, an additional 20 minutes of aerobics, etc.) you can achieve by the end of each workout between now and Jan. 1. These little bursts of victory are some of the greatest gifts that your fitness coach can give to you, and that you can give to yourself.

Think it’s too early to start worrying about holiday fitness? Then just think of how fast the year has gone by. Don’t let those New Year’s resolutions be the next time you consider your fitness goals. Start planning to stick to it now. Fitness Together Ellicott City can help. Call us today at (410) 750-2228.


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