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3 Training Benefits to Make Your Friends Green with Envy

Mar 13, 2019

This St. Patrick’s Day, why not can the corned beef and the shepherd’s pie and try your (workout) luck at a personal training studio?

Here are just 3 phenomenal personal training benefits that are guaranteed to make your family, friends, and anyone wearing a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tee-shirt positively green with envy.

  1. One-on-One Attention: Your personal trainer will provide aerobic and strength training guidance that blends professional expertise with enthusiasm, encouragement, and accountability. He or she will collaborate with you on a personalized gameplan designed to meet your specific goals. Most importantly, one-on-one personal training ensures proper form is learned, preventing injury and maximizing potential. Constructive criticism, helpful hints, and a healthy dose of fun make personal training sessions stand apart from a typical trip to the gym.
  2. A Nice Place to Sweat: Many personal training studios offer private or semi-private workout suites. A sense of privacy allows individuals to maximize their time and effort by eliminating distractions and any feelings of inadequacy or intimidation. They also mitigate wait times for coveted studio equipment, while providing a streamlined path to success.
  3. Food for Thought (and Sustenance): In addition to leg lifts, crunches, and core strengthening techniques, your certified personal trainer will be able to offer common sense nutrition advice that cuts through the clutter of misinformation that presides on the Internet. Based on scientific truths, this new knowledge will fuel positive changes in your lifestyle and maximize your training results. From micro and macronutrients to the importance of proteins, proper hydration, and more – your trainer will keep you current on national guidelines and how they should have an impact on your life.

Looking for a personal training experience that fits your lifestyle and schedule? No need to search for the end of a rainbow or a four-leaf clover. Fitness Together Ellicott City offers unparalleled personal training benefits including fully-equipped, state-of-the-art private workout suites, certified and personable trainers, and the convenience and flexibility that allows you to work out when you need to. Give us a call at 410-750-2228 or stop by our studio today to learn more.


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