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3 Things to Know Before Starting a Fitness Program for Weight Loss in Ellicott City

Mar 16, 2015

Excited that the snow is finally starting to melt in Ellicott City? If only your excess pounds could melt off just as easily!

Starting a fitness program for weight loss could help you achieve your goals.

Here’s what Howard County residents need to know before taking this exciting next step toward better health.

3 Weight Loss Concepts to Learn Before Starting a Fitness Program

(1) Doing 10,000 crunches a day won’t help you lose ten pounds in a week.

It’s tempting to think that the more exercise you do, the sooner you’ll lose weight. But not so fast – good form is key. Doing rep after rep will burn some calories, but it could end up doing more harm than good. You could risk an injury that could keep you out of the gym for weeks!

Work with your personal trainer to determine the exercises that will help you meet your weight loss goals safely.

(2) The calories in your post-workout cookie DO count.

Starting a fitness program for weight loss is hard work – and you might think you deserve a reward. Sure, your metabolism is revved right after jogging on the treadmill and lifting free weights. But that doesn’t mean the calories in your post-workout cookie don’t count!

Always choose healthy foods in the appropriate amounts to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals and gain nutrients that will help support muscle growth and overall health. Fitness Together’s Nutrition Together program is a good way to ensure a proper diet while losing weight.

(3) Whatever you do, don’t expect drastic weight loss overnight.

Even if you’ve overhauled your diet and designed a killer fitness program, the pin on your bathroom scale still might not budge for a while. Technically, losing weight requires expending more calories than you take in. But there are other lifestyle factors that determine how successfully and how quickly you can drop those pounds for good.

Once you start a fitness program for weight loss, try to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Get enough sleep every night, cope with your stress in a healthy way, and maintain a positive outlook. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and that you could still be losing body fat even if you’re not yet losing weight.

These are just a few basic concepts related to weight loss. For more, read the Mayo Clinic’s weight-loss basics page.

Consult your physician and your personal trainer before starting a fitness program for weight loss.

Starting a Personal Fitness Training Program at Fitness Together Ellicott City

Fitness Together provides personal training for men and women who live in Ellicott City, Columbia, and the surrounding Howard County areas. Unlike many local gyms, Fitness Together prides itself on supportive personal training in a relaxed atmosphere free from prying eyes.

For more information about starting a fitness program for weight loss, call Fitness Together today at (410) 750-2228.

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