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3 Scare-Free Costumes You Can Wear to the Fitness Studio

Oct 11, 2019

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year; not entirely ideal for those of us who have regularly scheduled routines and commitments, like class, work, or workouts.

If you find yourself searching for costumes you can wear to the fitness studio before darting off to the Monster Mash of the year, look no further. We’ve outlined three great suggestions for you below. They’re gym and family-friendly – in other words, more happy-go-lucky than horrific – and the best part is that you probably have several of the materials at home, already.

  1. Make a racquet – Athletes are simply going to love this one (that’s tennis lingo!) Volley for first place at the fitness studio as Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, or a tennis pro of your own creation. Just find a white, short sleeved, shirt with a collar and a pair of gym shorts in white or navy blue – and you’re literally halfway there. Slip on a sweatband and a pair of vintage sneakers, then complete the look with a tennis racquet and/or ball.
  2. Meow-mix it up – The Joker may be the Batman villain making headlines this fall, but this Catwoman (or man) costume couldn’t be any easier, and it’s perfect for all of the stretching and cardio you’re going to do. All you need are black leggings or a leotard; a comfortable, loose-fitting black top (shirt or turtleneck); and a matching pair of sneakers. Accessorize with some costume cat ears you can pick up on the cheap at any dollar or big box store at this time of year, and then work on perfecting that “Meow.” C’mon – you know you’ve got one.
  3. Get physical! Dust off those old VHS cassettes! For our coup de grace, we’re thinking of 80s aerobics icons. Perhaps those titans of tighter bodies, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons, or Olivia Newton John. The best part? You’re probably already using some of this costume’s key components, like leotards, headbands, or tank tops. Then simply tease or frizz your hair, lug out the leg warmers, or run and grab those running shorts you outgrew years ago. With some ingenuity and a Bedazzler, you’ll be feeling the burn and sweating to the oldies – well, not too old – in no time.

When it comes to costumes you can wear to the fitness studio, comfort and range of motion are key. Other than that, just let your imagination run wild. Have fun, loosen up, and scare away those pounds with help from your personal trainer.

And if the fitness studio isn’t exactly on your trick or treating route Oct. 31, no worries. Fitness Together Ellicott City is open Monday through Saturday, and offers flexible scheduling allowing you to find time for a regular exercise program. Give us a call at 410-541-1272 to learn more. And Happy Halloween!


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