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3 Exercises that Could Help Relieve Arthritis Pain at Fitness Together Ellicott City

Apr 20, 2015

What methods have you tried to relieve arthritis pain

Capsaicin? Aspirin? Maybe even acupuncture?

Unfortunately, many Ellicott City arthritis sufferers forgo one of the most effective methods for reducing joint pain.


How Exercise Can Be Effective for Reducing Arthritis Pain

Because arthritis pain is associated with joint inflammation, many arthritis sufferers find exercise to be counterintuitive.

The ugly truth? Lack of movement often causes additional stiffness. And the longer you go without exercise, the more pain you’re likely to experience.

Top 3 Exercises to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Howard County

(1) Lap Swimming and Other Low-Impact Cardio Exercises

Swimming can be a great way to lose weight while also promoting healing blood flow. Start off easily with help from a kickboard or other flotation device. As you gain strength and endurance, try kicking and pulling at the same time. Race the swimmer in the lane next to you for added motivation!

(2) Resistance Training and Other Strengthening Work-Outs

It takes a strong person to handle arthritis. But building strength in your muscles and bones can actually help you relieve your pain. Work with your personal trainer to develop a resistance or weight training plan that can help you add pounds of muscle while reducing your overall weight and pressure on your joints.

(3) Arm Circles and Other Range-Of-Motion Activities

It’s important to keep your joints mobile even when you’re not participating in personal fitness training. Start with two sets of ten arm circles daily, gently raising your arm above your head and circling it back around. You can also incorporate stretching into your routine – just be sure to warm-up first with five minutes of walking, dancing, or other aerobic exercise.

Remember to consult your physician, physical therapist, and personal fitness trainer before starting an exercise program to relieve arthritis pain.

With each exercise, plan to start slow and steadily increase your work-out frequency and intensity. Take at least one day off between each weight training session, and stop exercising if you feel excess joint pain or inflammation.

Additional Ways to Prevent Pain from Arthritis

Visit the Mayo Clinic’s guide to exercise and arthritis to learn even more activities that can be beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Staying healthy in general can also help you relieve pain. Make sure you get enough sleep, drink enough water, and eat healthy snacks to help your body recover from any personal training exercises you do to relieve arthritis pain.

Relieve Arthritis Pain at Fitness Together Ellicott City

Fitness Together provides a welcoming, supportive atmosphere in which Howard County men and women can achieve optimal physical fitness. Whether your goals include losing weight, increasing endurance, or even reducing the effects of arthritis, you’re a candidate for personal training with our experienced trainers.

For more information about personal fitness training, call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at (410) 750-2228.

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