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3 Exercises Recommended by Fitness Together Ellicott City to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

Mar 3, 2015

Did your last bout of back pain drive you bonkers? Did you try every gadget on the market and call every guru in town only to find no relief?

Some back pain sufferers are forced to miss work – and make a full-time job out of treating their injuries. But there’s a much simpler way to help relieve lower back pain: light exercises with your personal trainer in Ellicott City.

Help Relieve Lower Back Pain with These 3 Exercises

(1) Aerobic Exercises

It’s always a good idea to start your personal fitness training session by getting your heart pumping. Walking, jogging, and other light aerobic exercises can help you loosen up and help you lose weight – which can often reduce pressure on your back.

If land exercises leave you in the lurch, try swimming in the local lap pool. The water will support your weight so you can enjoy the movement without experiencing pain. Before incorporating swimming into your aerobic routine, ask your personal trainer for his or her input.

(2) Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises can help strengthen your stomach muscles, leading to a stronger core and a reduced chance of future injury. They can also help you gently stretch your back, which often provides temporary relief.

Try doing sets of partial crunches to ease yourself into abdominal exercises. Work closely with your personal trainer to achieve the proper form, which involves bending your knees and planting your feet firmly on the floor. Also, ask your personal trainer how many repetitions and sets of each abdominal exercise you should do.

(3) Light Weight Lifting

If you’re wary of lifting weights while experiencing back pain, who can blame you? After all, many back injuries are caused by lifting heavy objects while using improper form.

Though it seems counterintuitive, lifting weights while experiencing back pain can prove beneficial by strengthening your core and even relieving pressure. Work closely with your personal trainer to maintain proper form and prevent further injury to your back or any other body part.

These are just three exercises that could help Howard County adults relieve lower back pain. The most effective approach to reducing back pain through exercise will involve a range of exercises recommended by your personal trainer and physician. Visit the Mayo Clinic website for more exercise ideas. And don’t forget to incorporate stretching before and after your workouts.

Always consult your doctor and your personal trainer before starting any exercise or stretching regimen.

Help Relieve Lower Back Pain at Fitness Together Ellicott City

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For more information about relieving your lower back pain through personal fitness training, call Fitness Together Ellicott City today at (410) 750-2228.


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