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3 Exercises Every Woman Should Do

May 28, 2014

Women – especially moms – are busier than ever these days. They often consider personal training a luxury they just don’t have time for.

But many women would start exercising if they realized it would make their lives more efficient.

Here are three exercises you can do alone or with your personal trainer to improve your fitness while keeping up with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Arms – Purses, coffee mugs, shopping bags …oh my! With everything women have to carry these days, strong arms are a necessity. Arm circles are a quick way to build strength while toning your upper body. Start with three sets of ten small circles and three sets of ten large circles daily.

Legs – Let’s face it – maneuvering in high heels takes effort. Having strong calf muscles can help you minimize injuries while wearing your stilettoes. Calf-raises are one convenient leg exercise. Stand up and begin raising and lowering your body while keeping your knee and upper leg straight.

Core – Have you ever teetered while carrying an armful of groceries up your stairs? If you didn’t fall, it’s probably because you have a strong core – or the mailman was there to catch you. Try doing a simple plank exercise to maintain your core strength. Assume a push-up position, then place your forearms on the ground and hold.

Remember – leading a fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t preclude you from exercise. You can still go, go, go while working out on your own or with your personal trainer.

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