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3 Benefits of an Early Thanksgiving Workout with Cardio

Nov 14, 2018

Early morning Thanksgiving workouts have grown in popularity over the last several years, and most gyms and personal training studios are open by sunrise or earlier to accommodate individuals who want to burn some calories prior to the giblet and gravy onslaught scheduled for later that day.

Here are just three great benefits of squaring away some time for a workout with cardio before the big meal. No wishbone required.

  1. Exercising on an empty stomach might just help you burn fat – or at least resist temptation.

While the verdict is still out, some experts suggest an early morning workout with cardio on an empty stomach might expedite weight loss. The idea is that because your muscles cannot draw from glucose in the body, they begin to tap into other stored energy – depleting surplus fat. However, other experts say individuals demonstrating average dietary habits will not see the weight loss needle move one way or another.

But all’s not lost: found that women who started their day with an intense bout of exercise not only consumed fewer calories than others throughout the remainder, but also expressed a diminished visual “appetite” toward tasty treats. This could certainly come in handy once the holiday extravaganza begins.

  1. Exercising with cardio can help put that Thanksgiving dinner to work.

If weight loss is your goal, experts suggest high intensity interval training with cardio (jumping jacks, burpees, exercise bikes, and rowing machines) to put your body into a state known as By doing this, your body’s metabolism will go into overdrive, burning calories long after you’ve left the training studio. By the time the mashed potatoes are being passed around, your body will absolutely need the calories coming its way.

  1. Get your heart rate up – and your stress level way down.

We love our families, but let’s face it – the hustle, bustle, and just plain chaos that can accompany big holiday get-togethers can be intermittently taxing on our mental and emotional state. A will release endorphins – the brain’s natural feel-good ambassadors –and allow you to kick off the holiday with sense of calm.

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