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“Valentines for Your Heart:” 3 Healthy February Exercises

Feb 10, 2014

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, most of us are in “heart mode,” hoping to surprise our sweeties with floral bouquets, perfectly planned dinners, and dazzling diamonds. But unfortunately, there is one heart that we’ll often overlook this month: our own.

With February serving as American Heart Month, now is the perfect time to show your gratitude to the muscle that works non-stop just for you. Rather than a home-made Valentine, your heart would prefer some winter exercise -- regardless of whether you’re using a personal fitness trainer.

Here are some activities sure to serve as “Valentines for Your Heart:”

Shoveling Snow: This winter, the Ellicott City and Columbia areas have been consistently snowy. Did you realize that shoveling can be a great way for you to improve your heart health? Shoveling incorporates upper and lower body movements, making it a great boost for your circulatory system. (Just remember to take it easy, especially if you’ve been inactive for most of the season. Take frequent breaks, and stop completely if you feel any chest pain.)

Ice Skating: With 2014 being a Winter Olympic year, what could be more fun than pretending you’re a champion yourself? Get your ice skates out and go for a spin. Even a few figure eights will get your blood pumping faster while increasing your heart’s power and endurance.

Winter Walking: Regardless of the season, walking at a moderate to fast pace will always warm your heart – literally. Why not enjoy the winter wonderland in your neighborhood on foot? You’ll experience numerous heart-healthy benefits, which include lowered blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Maybe your job situation makes it difficult for you to do fitness training during the day. Or maybe you’re just short on time this winter and can’t make an appointment with your personal fitness trainer.

Just remember this: your heart is constantly moving. It pumps nearly two thousand gallons of blood every day. It never stops!

This month, take a lesson from your heart and get yourself moving.

At Fitness Together Ellicott City, your heart has a special place in ours. Call us today at 410-750-2228 to learn about our Cardio Together program.

Image credit: © Danhughes | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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