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‘Short-Month’ Tips for a Longer Life

Feb 24, 2014

February has the fewest days of any month, but just as many things for you to do. It’s easy to feel frustrated when reality sets in -- you have just as many bills to pay, calls to make, and meetings to attend, only with fewer days to do them.

But that doesn’t mean you should short-change your personal fitness training. Why? You owe it to your body.

Consider this – your heart doesn’t ever stop working for you. It keeps beating in time just like it’s supposed to. Your heart doesn’t let you down because it has an endless blood supply to circulate.

Even though you have fewer days to visit your personal trainer this month, you can keep your commitment to fitness.

Supplement your training with several stress-reducing tips:

  • Surrender to the stairs. Can you remember the last time you took the steps? Maybe you’re constantly in a rush, or you’re always carrying too many belongings. Just remember: it’s worth it to walk. You’ll lengthen your commute time, but you’ll also lengthen your life. Avoid the elevator at least once each day to start building this healthy habit.
  • Keep off the couch. Studies have proven that long days spent on the couch can shorten your life. Instead of sitting tight, get up and get loose. You can keep the TV or radio on; just do something active in the meantime. Get some house cleaning done, or play with your kids or pets. Reduce your daily sitting time by thirty minutes a day to keep your heart happiest.
  • Open yourself to the outdoors. Regardless of Punxsatawney Phil’s winter-weather prediction, February is a great month to spend time outdoors. Just being outside increases your sun exposure, which can help you shake off the cold-weather blues. Go outside for fifteen minutes a day in the morning or evening to improve your sense of winter well-being.

By being active just a few times a week, you reduce stress and improve your heart health -- the perfect way to celebrate American Heart Health month!

Remember: your mind knows that February is shorter, but your body does not. Treat your body right this month – and every month – by supplementing your personal fitness training with short, stress-reducing exercises.

To learn more about heart-healthy personal fitness training, call Fitness Together today at 410.750.2228.

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